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Albemarle New Boat Models

Superior Ride

Let’s face it, the most important factor in your enjoyment and safety on the open sea is the design and construction of the hull, and there is simply no other sportfishing boat in our category that can favorably compare to the durability, strength, ruggedness and especially the ride of an Albemarle.


Our boats are built by serious fishermen, for serious fishermen. We know what it is like to run 70 miles out to the canyons to chase tuna. We understand what you need when you’re backing down on a marlin in the last five minutes of a tournament. We’ve been out there when the bite is on and the weather turns bad, but you really want to keep fishing. And we have built a boat to do all of this and more.

A hull that will let you fish safely on days when other boats are stuck at the dock. Wide-open cockpits with plenty of room for you and your crew to work a fish. Spacious cabins that are comfortable and stylish. Plenty of storage, in just the right places. Rod holders where you need them. Gunwales at the right height for gaffing or tagging. Huge fish boxes. Big livewells. Well-designed bait stations. Custom-built tuna towers.

The Albemarle Family

At Albemarle, you are not a number, you are a friend. We take great pride in providing the highest level of customer service of any boat manufacturer… anywhere.

Every employee at Albemarle is dedicated to building customer relationships as strong and long-lasting as our boats. Visit almost any major boat show, and our team will be there, talking to customers and dealers, asking for feedback and ideas – and listening carefully.

A Standard of Quality

The number one reason that boaters and fishermen choose to purchase an Albemarle is because we deliver unmatched quality.

• We deliver quality through the use of only the best components available.
• We deliver quality through advanced construction techniques and testing.



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