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Bulls Bay New Boat Models

Raising the bar, by lowering the price. Demand More!

Bull’s Bay is a classic low country shallow water bay between Georgetown and Charleston, S.C.  The new Bull’s Bay lineup of boats from Carolina Composites is just that… Classic.

Carolina Composites has taken a classic bay boat hull design that has been popular for decades in the coastal Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida and retooled and modernized it to produce their new Bulls Bay lineup. The 1700, 2000, and 2200 all feature classic lines and great durability and fishability. They allow fishermen and families who want to spend time on the water an excellent quality boat at a real value price. One reason for that is Bull’s Bay boats are produced in the Carolina Composites factory along with their premiere line, Pioneer Boats. So the same craftsmen that build the Pioneer line also build Bulls Bay, which gives our customers two big benefits:

When you buy a Bulls Bay, you’re getting the same built in quality craftsmanship that is already available and well known in the Pioneer line. And because they are built in the same factory, the price point on the Bulls Bay boats make them much more affordable for all families and fishermen.



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2024 Bulls Bay
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